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Bellevue Healthcare team members foster and enact our Core Values daily as part of our Mission to serve with honesty, integrity, and reliability to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Delivering The Highest Level of Expertise & Service

Core Values

Bellevue Healthcare’s core values are the foundation upon which our company culture is built. Acting upon our core values has helped shape the character of our company that our clients have come to love and rely upon.


“A person morally responsible for the careful use of money, time, talents, or other resources, esp. with respect to the principles or needs of a community or group.”

It is our responsibility to use good stewardship with the opportunities presented to us, making sure to use sound business ethics in all decisions. We strive to use our resources and property as if it were our own. Stewardship requires us to be careful with what we have been entrusted and to be honest if an accident happens.


“The quality or state of being of sound moral principle; uprightness, honesty, and sincerity.”

Understanding responsibility is at the center of this value. We have been given the opportunity to provide excellent service to those needing medical equipment and, therefore, we must remember that our actions go hand in hand with our service promise. Our word must be backed up by action that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.


“To consider or treat with deference or dutiful regard; to show consideration for.”

Treat others as you would treat your family. Someday each of us will be in situations similar to those of our patients and of their families. We can only hope that those providing the service we need will treat us with respect and help us maintain our dignity. Being respectful of others’ needs, differences, and time are all things we strive to be conscious of.


“The ability to come to opinions about things; power of comparing and deciding; understanding; good sense.”

The judgment we employ daily has the opportunity to dramatically impact those we serve. The ability of each and every team member at BHC to effectively and continually make decisions that positively affect one another, our customers, referrals, and communities is highly valued.

BHC Mission

It is our mission to enhance the quality of life for people who need medical equipment by providing excellent products and unmatched service. We serve with honesty, integrity and reliability. Through each interaction with Bellevue Healthcare, our clients know we care. 

Excellence Begins at Day One…

Bellevue Healthcare prides itself on hiring team members that exude our core values in their actions daily. BHC team members are provided a solid foundation and growth opportunities through internal promotion and support of their continuing education goals, like ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) certification. BHC hopes that every team member will reach his or her full potential whatever their career path.

Bellevue Healthcare has grown to over two hundred employees. Many have transitioned from delivery technicians to customer experience representatives, and on to managers, specialists, and members of our executive team.  All Bellevue Healthcare team members understand first hand the delicacy and compassion that our client’s require.

What Our Customers Are Saying

So grateful for our powerlift chair. The two young men who delivered us our chair were respectful and courteous they took the time to place our chair exactly far enough from the wall so that it would clear it, in the reclining position. They also were sure we understood how to operate it correctly. Thank you kindly for your excellent service.

Susan T.
Susan T.Spokane Customer on Google

Outstanding service and fair price from the staff at Bellevue Healthcare at the Tacoma location. I used this company to rent medical equipment when my husband had surgery and am thankful for the expertise shared with me in their show room. I wasn’t sure what I needed initially, but with the guidance of a nice young man who took me through their selection and even provided a demonstration for the equipment I was able to confidently make a selection. I also received a price match when I showed a competitors price.

Rebecca G.
Rebecca G.Tacoma Customer on Yelp

I love Bellevue Healthcare!! I’ve been working with them for well over a year now and they continue to impress me with their genuine care and willingness to help! As a SNF social worker, I’ve worked with many other DME companies and BHC has proven to me to be the most knowledgeable (about both equipment and insurances) and transparent when helping me through the process of ordering equipment… I truly appreciate BHC and all that they d

Maranda R.
Maranda R.Bellevue Customer on Google

I love that they have different locations. My father-in-law was out of the country and fell. I needed to get a wheelchair and pick him up at the airport. They were so helpful and easy to work with. I appreciated being able to pick up the wheelchair on the Eastside and when he’s done can return it to the Seattle location.

Billing was easy as well. I’ll definitely return to Bellevue Healthcare when I have questions or need medical equipment.

Jen T.
Jen T.Seattle Customer on Yelp

Getting special needs equipment through payment channels has always been an emotionally draining experience for me. I had already tried another local supplier who was quick to let me know we’d have to pay cash up front. After my initial contact with Zach, I knew he could see this purchase through. He understood the billing process, he understood the product & accessories and asked the questions & gave us options, along with getting our local physical therapist’s recommendations to make sure we received what we needed and wanted for our son. He was very thorough and prepared throughout the entire process. He was prompt & professional with answering emails and returning phone calls. If the whole special needs world could be staffed & operated by competent, compassionate people like Zach, it would make life more beautiful. Thanks, a lot.

Susan G.
Susan G.Kennewick Customer

I have been working with Bellevue Healthcare in ordering equipment for my residents for over a year. ..Bellevue Healthcare has been great with helping me get my residents the equipment they need. Personally, I recently bought a wheelchair seat cushion from them for my grandmother and she totally loves it. My experience with them has been great all around

Vanessa G.
Vanessa G.Bel-Red Customer on Google