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We help those with pulmonary disorders manage care by providing excellent respiratory products and unmatched service.

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Home Oxygen Therapy

Home Oxygen Therapy can help you regain a level of activity or comfort in your life that has been lost due to fatigue and respiratory distress.

Bellevue Healthcare offers many different Home Oxygen Therapy delivery methods:

  • Portable Concentrators
  • Portable Tanks
  • Home Fill Tank Systems
  • In-Home Concentrators

Whether for travel, being outdoors, use during sleep or general in-home use, Bellevue Healthcare is committed to finding the right equipment to meet your personal needs.

Home Oxygen Therapy Equipment can be rented or purchased depending on your insurance and type of equipment needed.

Home Oxygen Delivery

Bellevue Healthcare offers home oxygen delivery for our oxygen therapy customers. We have 24/7 on-call support to ensure your therapy is supported.

Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy, sometimes called Sleep Therapy, can be used to treat a variety of respiratory issues.

The most common need for Respiratory Therapy is Sleep Apnea, which has been linked to many dangerous health complications and conditions. While the majority of people who suffer from Sleep Apnea go undiagnosed, there are easy treatment options available once you have received a diagnosis.

Bellevue Healthcare has a team of experienced, professional Respiratory Therapists here to help you.

Our Respiratory Therapists and Billing Specialists will:

  • Coordinate with your Sleep Center
  • Perform Evaluations
  • Demo and test equipment with you
  • Coordinate and explain insurance coverage
  • Bill insurance (when applicable)
  • Deliver Equipment
  • Follow up to make sure Compliance is occurring