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Building custom seating and mobility systems is a complex, time-consuming process and a labor of love. Bellevue Healthcare’s Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP) work closely with your therapist and health care providers to design and deliver the best seating and mobility equipment for your specific needs.  

We stock, supply and special order equipment across the entire spectrum of Rehab and Mobility.

  • Custom Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs
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  • Pediatric Assistive Technology
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  • Long Term Care Wheelchairs
  • Advanced Hygienic Chairs

Our ATPs, Rehab Technicians, and Support Staff strive to provide the absolute highest level of insight, expertise, and customer service in all areas of advanced and custom mobility and rehabilitation equipment.


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I just want to pass on a huge thank-you to Matt who was in our facility today working with a client. He noticed me struggling to help stabilize a manual wheelchair in disrepair for another client who is awaiting insurance approval for wheelchair repairs. He offered to adjust the patient’s brakes, one of which was twisted and barely holding on. This excellent and quick repair made a true and instant improvement to my clients safety during transfer. You’re lucky to have Matt working for you and I wanted to pass on my gratitude and let you know that he is an excellent representative for your company!!

Sylvie D.
Sylvie D.Bellingham

I have been a care-giver to a wonderful gentleman who I’ve had the blessing to care for for the past 20 years.  After sustaining a traumatic brain injury and severe orthopedic injuries after a motorcycle accident in 1988, he has been confined to a wheelchair.  He is humble, loving and does so much with what little he has to work with.  He is loved and recognized in our community and serves as an inspiration to everyone he meets.

His electric wheelchair is now over eight years old, has over 1,000 miles on it (according to Bill who came out on Friday) and has been unable to hold a charge for the past few weeks.  Despite the recommendations of his physician and Harborview’s Rehab Medicine doctor, Molina denied the request for a new one, citing that it was “medically unnecessary.”  We appealed, they denied the appeal again and now this is in the hands of Maximus Federal Services, Inc., for it’s next review.  In the meantime, Robby has been mostly homebound.  He has very little use of his right side, which was his dominant side before the accident, has very limited mobility in his manual chair due to this, and, as such, I ordered and bought new batteries through BHC on Friday.

I can’t find the words to express how completely overwhelmed I have been by the sheer compassion, professionalism, knowledge and expertise of, literally, every single person I’ve worked with at BHC.

Starting with Brittney N., who informed us of the first and second denial in such a way that I could literally feel her sadness and compassion through her emails; the expertise, kindness and “real” ness of Sheila F. who handled the appeal and continues to field questions and advocate for me throughout this challenging process; to Kelsey H. who, despite having the Portland office closed on Friday, continued to work tirelessly by phone with me to get new batteries ordered and finding Bill out in the field who drove through a formidable storm over the 520 bridge to install them for Robby the same day.  Saturday was like a dream after being stuck for so long.  He was able to go over a mile to buy his groceries, walk his dog several times and was absolutely ecstatic!

Since we experienced some new problems with the chair on Sunday and continuing on, Dan called and spent a good deal of time today asking questions and assessing possible issues and we are hoping Nate can come tomorrow to look at his chair again.

I am simply blown away, more than pleasantly surprised and we are blessed to have a company that demonstrates such excellence, compassion, skill and knowledge.  I wish to thank each and every one of them through you.  Absolutely stellar in every way and continuing to be so.


Barbara E.
Barbara E.Providence Hospice and Palliative Care