Equipment Rentals

In many situations, renting medical equipment rather than purchasing is the best approach. 

Why rent equipment from Bellevue Healthcare?

  • Cost effective
  • Fast and convenient
  • Ensures continued equipment service
  • 24/7 On-Call Support & Service
  • Wide selection

Types of rental equipment available:

  • Home Medical Equipment
  • Rehab and Complex Mobility Equipment
  • Oxygen Therapy Equipment
  • Sleep Therapy Equipment

Your local Bellevue Healthcare is prepared to assist you through the process and help you decide if renting or purchasing is the best option for your situation.


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Renting Privately


Most rental equipment is billed monthly. Some preset exceptions allow for select equipment to be billed bi-weekly, weekly and daily. Rental charges are invoiced on the same schedule as the equipment rental.

Bellevue Healthcare offers a convenient and secure online Payment Portal to manage view your invoices, make payments, or update your contact or billing information.

A credit card will be required to be on file before dispensing of your rental equipment.


Bellevue Healthcare is required by law to obtain a prescription or a written order from your ordering physician prior to dispensing specific equipment even when renting equipment privately.

Equipment that requires a prescription:

  • Oxygen Therapy Equipment (concentrators, tanks, nebulizers)*
  • Some Oxygen therapy supplies*

Home medical equipment such as beds, wheelchairs, ambulatory ads, and bath safety do not  typically require a prescription for private rental.  

Your local Bellevue Healthcare can help you with requirements for your equipment if it is not listed here.

Medicare Special Pricing

Special Pricing available to Medicare recipients who are renting or purchasing equipment privately.

  • Special pricing available for Medicare recipients who do not meet Medicare coverage criteria for equipment needed. Contact your local office for details.
  • Special pricing available for Medicare recipients effected by competitive bid restrictions. Contact your local office for details.

Billing Insurance for Rental Equipment

In order to bill to your insurance, our experienced team of Billing Specialists will require:

  • Details of your active insurance policies
  • Prescription, physician’s orders or other appropriate documentation as required by your insurance for coverage
  • Contact information for your ordering physician

Our team will work hard to ensure your rental is processed accurately and efficiently; however, Bellevue Healthcare makes no guarantee coverage or payment for equipment or services provided. All charges as a result of services or equipment provided are ultimately the patient/customer’s responsibility. 

Non-Covered Equipment

Not all equipment available through Bellevue Healthcare can be billed successfully to your insurance. Your insurance may impact your ability to rent or purchase equipment. Your insurance provider may already have guidelines specific to the equipment you require. In this case, the decision to rent or purchase has already been made based on your insurance plan.

Common reasons equipment cannot be billed:

  • Not deemed a medical necessity by your Insurance Provider
  • Equipment is a non-covered item
  • Patient does not meet the medical criteria for equipment


If equipment is successfully billed to your insurance, you can still be responsible for your copay (depending on provider).

  • Copays are invoiced on the same schedule as the equipment rental
  • Copays can be paid conveniently online payment system, by credit card over the phone, or by cash or check in person or by mail.

Travel Rentals

Bellevue Healthcare rental equipment is available for travel. If you or a family member are heading out of town or coming to visit an area serviced by Bellevue Healthcare, we have equipment we can rent to make your trip easier.

Some of the equipment we are able to rent for your travel assistance:

  • Wheelchairs (Powered, Standard Manual & Transport)
  • Powered Scooters
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators & Portable Oxygen Tanks
  • Stationary Oxygen Therapy Setups

Delivery and setup for travel equipment:

  • Equipment can be delivered to a hotel prior to arrival and picked-up after your departure
  • Likewise equipment can be delivered to your home or picked-up at any Bellevue Healthcare location

Returning your Travel Rental Equipment

BHC rental equipment can be returned to any of our locations or picked up within our service area.  Delivery or pick-up fees may apply.

Insurance Billing and Payment

Travel rental equipment is subject to the same payment and billing terms as other rental equipment available through Bellevue Healthcare.

Our team is here to help answer any questions and guide you through the rental process, please contact us.

Rental Policies

Rental terms on our website are introductory and are subject to change without notice.

Your individual rental terms and conditions may differ.

Please refer to your rental agreement paperwork for the terms and conditions that apply to your specific rental situation.  If you have lost or misplaced your original paperwork, please contact us.

Have additional questions?

Our team can assist in answering your rental or billing questions. Please contact us.


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