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Helping your organization provide excellent care and medical equipment for your patients.

Referral Resources

BHC forms, Medicare resources, sell sheets, and learning resources for specifically for our partners and referrals

Why Become a BHC Partner?

The Bellevue Healthcare Partnership Promise

With the common goal of better helping patients get the care and equipment they need, we promise to tirelessly work with your organization to rent, sell, deliver and service equipment that is perfect for your Hospital, Hospice, Rehab Facility, Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living Facility.

Our equipment and services are focused, but not limited to the following:

  • Rehab and Mobility Equipment
  • Pediatric Rehab and Mobility Equipment
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Portable Oxygen Therapy
  • Stationary Oxygen Therapy
  • Palliative Care Equipment
  • Long Term Care Equipment
  • Local

    BHC is local with a wide service area covering WA, OR, and ID.

  • Continuity of Care

    BHC can serve clients in facility or for discharge with seamless transitions between the two.

  • Delivery & Pick-Up

    Same or next day service is available

  • Service & Support

    24/7 On-call support for equipment and oxygen supplies

Facility Services

Committed to building trust and dependability

As a Bellevue Healthcare Partner you will receive unparalleled customized service, as well as competitive pricing contracts. We understand that good patient outcomes are also directly related to a host of patient details, including special attention to medical equipment. This is why we focus on the following core competencies when working with our BHC Partners.


We understand the impact that fast, efficient and exceptional service will have on your ability to meet the needs of your patients. We will always go above and beyond to make sure your facility’s needs are met in a professional and timely manner.


We strive to be competitive in all aspects of our business. Providing the best patient care can start with maximizing your budget. We offer special pricing on the equipment you need, so you can offer your patients the best care available.


Need a piece of equipment for a limited time? We are happy to extend our rental services to your facility. From Rehab Equipment to Oxygen Therapy and Long Term Patient Care we have you covered.


From equipment maintenance and repairs to in-service demonstrations and training opportunities, we are here to help your team.

Hospice Solutions

We truly integrate with your end-of-life care mission

With 17 years of experience serving multiple Hospice organization’s, we truly understand the importance of providing medical equipment quickly and with accuracy. We are committed to the same patient experience that your hospice provides and take care of all the equipment and logistical needs, allowing your team to simply focus on the care of your patient.

As a Hospice partner with Bellevue Healthcare – we are by your side with:   

  • 24/7 Ordering of Medical Equipment
  • 24/7 Delivery and Pick-up Service
  • Full-service ordering with access to complete oxygen therapy solutions
  • An easy online ordering and management system

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Referral & Partner Resources

Building trust with seamless support and education

Bellevue Healthcare understands that our referral partners are busy taking care of their patients and we have made it our mission to ease the pain that can often come the equipment procurement process.

With opportunities from continuing education units and in-servicing on products, to guidance for insurance coverage and criteria on all equipment, we are here to hold your hand through the entire process.

We have designated Client Liaison team members that are at the immediate aid for all of our Referral Partners. Your Clinical Liaison contact will have frequent check-ins to ensure we are exceeding your expectations and that interaction with BHC is positive. Additionally, our Assistive Technology Professionals are available to work directly with you and your client for any special or custom seating and mobility equipment.