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Bellevue Healthcare offers a full range of services to address the needs of our customers

White Glove Delivery

Bellevue Healthcare’s White Glove Delivery Service delivers more than just your equipment. A Bellevue Healthcare Delivery Technician will deliver, set up, and provide detailed instruction on how to operate your new equipment.

Our goal is to make sure that you are completely confident and can safely use your medical equipment before we leave any delivery.

White Glove Delivery is available anywhere in our services area for both purchased and rental equipment.

Equipment Rentals

In many situations, renting medical equipment rather than purchasing is the best approach. Often times renting can be the most financially viable option. Besides potentially lowering the overall cost of your rehab and medical expenses, renting equipment with Bellevue Healthcare is fast, convenient, and covered by most insurance plans.

Bellevue Healthcare stocks many types of rental equipment to choose from including respiratory and oxygen therapy equipment.

Your local Bellevue Healthcare showroom is prepared to assist you through the process and help you decide if renting or purchasing is the best option for your situation.

Types of rental equipment available:

Home Medical Equipment

  • Bath Safety
  • Wheelchairs
  • Homecare beds and mattresses
  • Walkers and rollators
  • Patient lifts

Rehab and Complex Mobility Equipment

  • Power chairs

Oxygen & Respiratory Therapy Equipment

  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Homefill oxygen systems
  • Nebulizers
  • Suctions units

Looking for facility or hospice rental service information?

Complex Rehabilitation & Custom Mobility

From start to finish our Rehab Team will work with dedication and expertise to find solutions as unique and personalized as your needs.

Bellevue Healthcare can supply equipment across the entire spectrum of Complex Rehabilitation and Custom Mobility, including but not limited to:

  • Custom Standard Wheelchairs
  • Custom Power Wheelchairs
  • Pediatric Assistive Technology
  • Sports Wheelchairs
  • Long Term Care Wheelchair
  • Advanced Hygienic Chairs

Our ATPs, Rehab Technicians, and Support Staff strive to provide the absolute highest level of insight, expertise, and customer service in all areas of advanced and custom mobility and rehabilitation equipment.

Respiratory & Oxygen Therapy

Bellevue Healthcare helps those with pulmonary disorders manage care by providing excellent respiratory products and unmatched service.

Home Oxygen Therapy –

Bellevue Healthcare offers many different Home Oxygen Therapy delivery methods including in-home and portable concentrators, home-fill tank stations, and tanks for purchase or rental.

Home Oxygen Delivery –

Available to our oxygen therapy customers. We offer 24/7 on-call support to ensure your therapy is supported

Respiratory Therapy (Sleep Therapy) –

Sometimes called Sleep Therapy, can be used to treat a variety of respiratory issues. Our team of experienced, professional Respiratory Therapists are here to help you.

Installation & Home Modification

Bellevue Healthcare offers seamless and professional installation of your new medical equipment through our partners Bath+ of a range of equipment including and not limited to:

  • Grab bars
  • Safety poles
  • Stairway lifts
  • Ceiling lift systems
  • Vehicle lifts
  • Walk-in bathtubs
  • Low and no threshold showers
  • Ramps

As their name implies Bath+ has extensive experience in bathroom modification and remodeling. They are accessibility and Aging-at-Home specialist whose goal is to always make your home more accessible and safe, while maintaining an element of design and aesthetics at a cost that is reasonable for our clients.