BHC in the News: Moscow Opening

Our newest location, Bellevue Healthcare Moscow, was featured in the Moscow Daily News, including an interview with Store Manager Stuart Kelly.

Excerpt |

The employees at Bellevue Healthcare, located at the former Staples building on Warbonnet Drive in Moscow, have what at first glance is an unenviable job.

A large part of their duties includes driving to homes where someone is in hospice care to deliver and assemble medical supplies.

“All of us have set up hospital beds for people who are dying,” Moscow Branch Manager Stuart Kelly said.

He said being part of that experience gives them valuable perspective about why their service exists.

“It makes you a little more alert to how you do things and why you do things,” he said…

He hopes more people will become aware that Bellevue Healthcare is an option for them, as many people don’t know where to turn if they or a loved one need a wheelchair or a walker.

Most, he said, assume they can only order from companies in larger cities, and many are also unsure what they can afford under their insurance or Medicare. He encourages them to walk into the Moscow store and talk to the employees about their options.

With their new location, he believes Bellevue Healthcare will become a familiar asset on the Palouse.

“We’re here for the long term,” he said.

Read the complete article on The Moscow Daily News website (subscription required).